Silent Dance Society– a unique music and dance experience powered by wireless headphone technology.

Our wireless headsets allow you and hundreds of others to enjoy the music and dance in the most unexpected locations, without disrupting the world around you. We are a group of music lovers and dance enthusiasts, our passion is in finding magic in the everyday world and making ordinary spaces extraordinary. We bring community together through silent dances, connecting people, places, and sounds in a unique way. We believe in enriching the city’s remarkable spaces with music, interacting with each other on a whole new level, and changing the way you see the world around you.

How it works:  Our latest wireless headset technology lets you completely submerge into the music as you switch between three different live streaming DJ channels.  The music is transmitted directly to each headset so that you can adjust the volume to your liking or step away from the dance floor without losing the beat, and if you want a break, simply take off your headset while the party carries on around you! As you switch between the channels—the headset will light up with a different color for each channel so that you can see what everyone else is listening to. The effect is surreal and magical.

Interested in being a featured DJ? Send us your profile & latest tracks (youtube, website, reverbnation, soundclound, etc) to

Looking to create a memorable experience at your next event? We offer both the equipment rental as well as full event production from bringing the DJ talent, to incorporating LED lighting and video art projections. We can assist with parties of any size small or big. Our Silent Disco headsets can offer up to 3 Different Music Channels and work within 1,600ft range.



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